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Job done! A new bridge on the Honeybourne Line

article by: Ian Crowder
posted on: 25 January 2010
updated on: 01 March 2010


The missing bridge at Laverton has now been replaced with a fine new concrete structure that replaces the original steel span.  The bridge was removed some years ago with the permission of the Railway, in order to allow heavy plant access to a nearby gas pipeline and pumping station.  The cost of the new structure has been fully met by National Grid, who now operate the pipeline.

The pictures show the structure to be elegant and a good imitation of the original.  It even has a lattice-work infill, typical of all the steel rail-over bridges on the route. Work included land anchors in one of the wing walls, repairs and re-pointing, replacement pilasters as well as the bridge itself.

Because the concrete deck is somewhat thicker than the original steel bridge, the top of the deck is some 20cm higher than the trackbed either side.  This will be built up to provide a gentle ramp on the bridge approaches - one of the pictures shows the difference.

Says Darren Fairley, buildings director: "While the bridge was put in place it was necessary to close the road for some weeks and we are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.  But we were delighted with the standard of work and we now have a bridge fit for the next 100 years."

2 comments for “Job done! A new bridge on the Honeybourne Line”

  1. Gravatar of chris walterschris walters
    Posted 26 January 2010 at 18:11:49

    Nice work carried out there. The flood brinks back a few memories of summer 2007 when I had to drive through 2ft of water around Toddington in my truck trying get bact to the yard in Halesown.

    keep up the good work, thank you!!!!!!

  2. Posted 05 February 2010 at 13:00:17

    Brillant. I have been following the progress on the Broadway extention for the last 3 years both on the internet and lineside. It will be a very proud day and achivement to all the people that make the line runable. I think that the old railway bossess of the original GWR would be pleased of the progeress not just on this line but the countries. Very well done!!

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