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Classic Bus Rally - 8 July 2018


Our 11th year! Another one day event, fully open to the public, and again building on the success of our previous ten years of Bus Rallies.


The Event

As we join in the celebrations of the historic reopening of Broadway station, we hope to have 40+ historic buses booked in for this year's Classic Bus Rally, making for a very full yard. We have currently 19 confirmed entries. In terms of the longer distances travelled to our event – Lytham St Annes (2) Wakefield & Keighley in the north, Swansea in the west, Didcot so far in the east & Weston-super-Mare in the south. The format for bus parking will be similar to our previous events, in Toddington Station Yard on tarmac, and in anticipation of the number of buses attending with associated traffic movements, and commercial stalls, a one-way system will be enforced. All parking for volunteers & visitors apart from a very few staff members will be in the field adjacent to the east side of the railway. The stall-holders’ vehicles that cannot be parked within their pitches will be directed to behind the Flag & Whistle restaurant/cafe or to the field. The remaining un-allocated spaces at the back of the Flag & Whistle will be used as an overflow for the Disabled Bays.


We have a number of stalls attending selling books, bus and railway memorabilia and models of buses and trains, also a small number of stalls run by the bus owners where the proceeds go towards maintenance of their respective vehicles.


Ride on a bus

With the success of the shuttle bus services at previous bus rallies in mind, it is hoped we will be able to provide a number of bus links with neighbouring villages. This will, of course, be subject to there being enough willing bus drivers. See the route maps below the links for entry forms for our proposed 2018 running. The maps will also be on the backs of your timed running slips, for those who have said they can do a run, which will be handed to you when you arrive.


Ride on a big train

The railway will be running a full PURPLE timetabled service with the advertised normal fare structure from Broadway right down to Cheltenham Race Course Station, using two steam hauled trains, and a Diesel hauled one towards the end of the day. This will enable both the drivers and ‘crew’ of the display buses to travel the full length of the line sampling both the Steam and Diesel Operations.


Note for potential stall holders – the main Bus Rally event will ONLY be on the Sunday but you are welcome to attend on two days if you so wish, but there will be only the PURPLE timetable of ‘steam and diesel service’ running at Toddington on the Saturday.


Ride on a small train

The North Gloucestershire Railway, (2ft Narrow Gauge) to the west of the main carpark will be operating & would be pleased to see you and have you ride on their line AS WELL. Their line, runs for three-quarters of a mile to Didbrook Road Bridge from the main line Station end of the carpark, by their Booking Office. Historic steam and diesel hauled trains will be operating, with a frequent timetable – listen for announcements.



ALL public parking will be in the field adjacent to the east side of the railway. Where practicable, the remaining un-allocated spaces at the back of the Flag & Whistle restaurant/café will be used as an overflow for the Disabled (Blue Badge) Bays by the loading bank.


Public transport

Limited public transport is available from Cheltenham to Cheltenham Race Course and Toddington stations. You can find all the details here.



Normal fares apply to this event. For ticket prices and full timetable, please follow the links.


Why not save time and buy your on-line in advance all-day rover ticket now?


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The registration forms for the Bus and Stall Entries are available below and you can follow the links as appropriate. The event is also advertised on the Classic Buses Events Diary website at together with a link to the GWSR Website for forms and further details. Also through this site we have endeavoured to coordinate with other railway and local events to try and make sure there are no obvious local clashes of dates.


The administration of booking stalls and buses is as the previous seven years being done between us, please use the attached forms.


Austen Shapcott & David Martin

Event Organisers 2018 &


Bus registration form
Stall registration form 
Proposed Single Deck bus routes between Toddington station and Broadway
Proposed Double Deck bus routes between Toddington Station and Broadway

Classic Bus Rally - 8 July 2018