Picture yourself here: join the crew for an unforgettable ride! Picture is of 7820 Dinmore Manor (Jack Boskett)

footplate rides 6-7 november

Fooplate rides NOW AVAILABLE on a first come, first served basis so book your ticket now
- only £150 (including event entry ticket)

The GWSR is thrilled to be able to offer the rare and exciting opportunity to take a ride on the footplate of one of our steam locomotives during the 40th Annirverary Gala.  A range of trips and options is available and the cost is just £150 for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it includes free entry to the event on the day of your experience.  Your locomotive may be hauling a passenger or freight service or it could even be a double-headed train!  Before booking please read the 'Footplate Terms and Conditions' below.  Note that you may be required to climb on or off the locomotive at ground level becasue it may be beyond the end of the platform.


How to book your footplate ride - Bookings close midday Thursday 4th November

Take a look at the list of travel options in the tables below.  Ideally, have a first and second choce when you contact the office to book your footplate ride.  You can ONLY book your footplate ride by telephone to 01242 621405 and be ready to provide card details to make payment.  Bookings will be subject to availability and on a first come, first served basis. 


IMPORTANT: Footplate Ride Terms & Conditions

1. Customers must be able bodied and capable of climbing on and off a locomotive from ground level, as a footplate ride is not appropriate for the infirm or mobility impaired.


2. Customers must be at least 18 years of age or older.


3. Customers are advised to wear clothing that covers their arms and legs such as trousers, jacket and sturdy shoes. Items such as shorts, sandals, skirts etc. are not suitable and may result in the footplate ride being refused.


4. Customers should present themselves to the Station Master’s office at the correct departure station (as stated on the ticket), at least 20min prior to the departure time in order to exchange the footplate ride letter of confirmation for a valid footplate pass after agreeing to the relevant conditions.

5. Customers agree to follow the instructions of locomotive footplate crew during the journey and must not distract the crew. The Driver shall have the right to refuse the footplate ride if he is concerned the customer is not suitably dressed or safe enough for the journey.

6. Customers should always remain seated throughout the journey and hold on to the side of the locomotive.

7. Customers should be aware of soot and ash in the atmosphere as well as the dangers of hot surfaces and falling from the locomotive if not properly holding on or seated.

8. GWSR accepts no liability for damage to clothing or goods as a result of customers travelling on the footplate.


8. Footplate pass tickets are only valid for the footplate ride trip as stated on the ticket and GWSR cannot give any guarantee of the locomotive the footplate ride will take place on.


10. Tickets are non-transferable or refundable, unless the service is cancelled or refused.


11. GWSR retains the right to cancel or change any part of the gala service if required.


Trains FROM Toddington or Broadway to Cheltenham Racecourse (CRC), Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th November

Loco Dep time 
and station
Arr time
and station


35006 09.00 Toddington 09.42 CRC   SOLD OUT
7820 11.00 Toddington 11.40 CRC (1) freight SOLD OUT
35006 12.08 Broadway 15.20 CRC (2) n/stop SOLD OUT
7820 14.40 Toddington 15.20 CRC   SOLD OUT
7903 14.35 Broadway 15.55 CRC   SOLD OUT


Trains FROM Cheltenham Racecourse (CRC) to Toddington OR Broadway, Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th November

Loco Dep time
and station

Arr time
and station

Notes Availabilty
7820 09.15 CRC 10.02 Toddington (3)   
7903 09.15 CRC 10.36 Broadway (4) SATURDAY ONLY
35006 10.33 CRC 11.46 Broadway   SOLD OUT
7820 12.32 CRC 13.17 Toddington (5) SUNDAY ONLY
35006 14.18 CRC 15.03 Toddington (6) freight SUNDAY ONLY
7820 16.03 CRC 17.03 Toddington (5)  
7903 17.30 CRC 18.07 Toddington (5)  



(1) Freight train. Any accompanying train passenger will need to book a brake van ride on the day (subject to availability)

(2) Non-stop train

(3) Double headed train with 7903. May be required to alight onto ballast or wait on engine until it returns to Toddington platforms at 11.00

(4) Double headed with 7802 as far as Toddington, train continues to Broadway

(5) May be requried to alight onto ballast or wait on engine until it returns to the platform

(6) Freight train. Any accompanying train passenger will need to book a brake van ride on the day (subject to availability). Footplate passenger may be required to alight onto ballast or wait until the engine returns to the platfortm