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GWSR 40th Anniversary


At Winchcombe station, from July 20th, there will be a display from the railway’s various departments celebrating the astonishing progress that has been made over the past four decades. The show continues until September. Entry is free, jump off your train at Winchcombe (but make sure you aren’t on the last train!) and enjoy the show.

Back in 1982, the present-day GWSR was formed and took occupation of a derelict Toddington station with the aim of ‘restoring as much as possible of the former Stratford-upon-Avon to Cheltenham railway’ – also known as the Honeybourne Line. British Railways had closed the line in 1976 (the stations had closed much earlier, in 1960) and lifted the track in 1979. So, the preservationists were faced with a monumental task: rebuilding a railway almost from scratch, along with all the infrastructure and stations. 

We owe a considerable debt to the vision and determination of those early volunteers who set about the task, which continues to this day. You only have to travel on one of our trains to realise what has been achieved. Take a look at Winchcombe station for example, which was moved to its present location stone by stone from Monmouth Troy. Or Broadway station – a perfect example of how to re-create the station that once stood there but was demolished in 1963. You would never know that it is brand new and is a wonderful testament to the volunteers who built it.


Move your mouse over or tap on the picture below to see the progress that's been made!



GWSR 40th Anniversary