Injector Water Valve Injector Water Valve Live Steam Injector Valve Auxiliary steam supply valve to exhaust injector Supplementary live steam supply to exhaust injector Boiler Pressure Gauge Steam Heat On-Off Valve Masons or Reducing Valve for Steam Heat Steam Heat Pipe Pressure Gauge Water Gauge Frame, Water Gauge, Drain Cock, and Emergency Water Level Cocks Gauge Frame Lamp Dampers Exhaust Injector Adjustments Sander Controls Reverser Regulator Lubricator Steam Supply Control Blower Valve Hydrostatic Displacement Lubricator Condensing Coil Hydostatic Displacement Lubricator Lubricator Drain Exhaust Brake Ejector Vacuum Brake Pet Pipe or Slack Pipe Valve Firehole Air Flap Firehole Doors Water Scoop Control Handle Handbrake Handle (hidden) Toolboxes Toolboxes Cylinder Drain Cock Lever Tea Billy W Valve or Jockey Valve Automatic Train Control Warning System Warning Sign to Enginemen Whistle Chain Whistle Chain Whistle Chain Vacuum Relief Valve Vacuum Gauge

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