Locomotives and Coaches

The Heritage Diesel Weekend will feature the GWR's unique collection of ex-British Railways heritage diesel locomotives and multiple units, operating an intensive service of trains plus a guest locomotive. Nine locomotives will be in use (subject to availability) travelling just over 1000 miles in the course of the 3 days.


Two of our locomotives undergoing extensive overhaul will form part of the exhibition inside the diesel shed at Toddington.


The intensive locomotive hauled service will be the main draw for enthusiasts highlights of which will be:


  • The visit of class 42 diesel hydraulic locomotive no. D832 ‘Onslaught’ from the East Lancashire Railway, a locomotive synonymous with Western Region express services.
  • The visit of class 35 diesel hydraulic locomotive no. D7017 from the West Somerset Railway, another locomotive synonymous with the Western Region.
  • Class 45 no.45149, a class long associated with the Honeybourne line in the 1960s and 1970s
  • English Electric class 37 locomotive D6948. A classic 1964 built diesel locomotive synonymous with South Wales and resplendent in immaculate green livery of the era when diesel and steam shared Britain's railways.


The GWR's 3 car class 117 Diesel Multiple Unit will be in use as a 4th hauled coaching stock set.


All our locomotives and railcars are owned by preservation groups or individuals and most have their own websites packed full of information on the locomotive's history, operation and latest news.


Click on the links for lots more on the owning groups (including how you can join and get involved with the operation, maintenance and restoration of each if you wish). Note the GWSR is not responsible for the content of external links.

Click on the pictures for more info on the locomotives (where available).


Guest Locomotives

- in use and working trains


Class Number Owning Group  
Class 42 D832 'Onslaught' ELR Diesel Group
Class 35 D7017 DEPG


Home fleet

- in use and working trains


Class Number Owning Group  
Class 20 D8137 Privately owned
Class 26 D5343 Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group
Class 37 D6948 Privately owned
Class 37 37215 The Growler Group
Class 45 45149 Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group
Class 47 47376 The Brush Type Four Fund
Class 73 E6036 Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group
Class 117 L245 Cotswold Diesel Railcar Limited


Home Fleet

- on static display


Class Number Owning Group  
Class 47 47105 The Brush Type Four Fund
Class 2 5081 24081 Locomotive Group
Class 04 11230 Privately owned
Class 04 D2280 Privately owned



There'll be 3 sets of coaches in use during the weekend. This year we can offer two 8 coach sets - our usual chocolate & cream and maroon sets of coaches, together with an additional 7 coach chocolate & cream set, and the 3-car class 117 Diesel Multiple Unit which will be in use as a fourth hauled set of coaches (unpowered).

Find out more about all our rolling stock here