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Opening of Hayles Abbey Halt



The railway's latest station, Hayles Abbey Halt, will be open for use by passengers on Tuesday 6th June onwards. With generous funding from the Cotswold Conservation Board, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Trust and a number of local suppliers, the station has been created as an authentic reproduction of the former halt, but with just one platform rather than two. It resembles the original timber-built structure, has cast-iron Great Western notices, a corrugated-iron waiting shelter and traditional post-and-rail fencing. Passengers will be able to use the station as a starting or finishing point for walking or cycling in the Cotswolds.


Using the Station

The station will operate as a Request Stop for diesel railcars (DMUs) only. Passengers wishing to join the train at the station will need to face the oncoming train and extend their arm horizontally to signal to the driver to stop the train. Those wishing to board at another station and alight at Hayles Abbey Halt will need to inform the guard when they join the train. The station is located about halfway between Toddington and Winchcombe stations. The diesel railcar (DMU will stop on request at Hayles Abbey Halt approximately 5 minutes after leaving both Toddington and Winchcombe stations. For detailed train times see the 2017 Calendar and Timetables web page.


Important Note:

Steam and diesel locomotive hauled trains will not stop at Hayles Abbey Halt. Diesel railcars (DMUs) only will stop on request.


The location of the station is shown on our Hayles Abbey Halt webpage.


There is no car park at Hayles Abbey Halt. Passengers are strongly recommended only to access the station by train, on foot or by bicycle. The diesel railcars (DMUs) can carry up to three bycicles in the guard's compartment strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. The are no facilities for boarding passengers in wheelchairs at the station. There are no toilet facilities at the station.



See our 2017 Ticket Prices web page for details.



The re-opening of Hayles Abby Halt has allowed us to recapture a scene from 1960. The original photo was taken by D H Ballantyne. We are very grateful to Jeremy Holland who has worked some 'Photoshop magic' and produced this fantastic 'then and now' transformation for us to display.


Opening of Hayles Abbey Halt