Travelling with a Dog?


Well-behaved dogs can normally travel on trains for a flat-rate fare although restrictions may apply for some special events. Tickets for dogs are available on-line in advance and from booking offices on the day of travel. Assistance dogs travel free of charge.


Important message about dogs


With the large increase in passenger numbers, as well as the unfamiliar sounds, movement and smells, we are finding that dogs are becoming distressed.


This has unfortunately led to a number of incidents with other passengers and our volunteers. Please therefore note the following guidance:


  • A maximum of 2 dogs can accompany any single group of people


  • Dogs must be kept on a lead (preferably a short lead) at all times whilst on railway premises or trains.


  • Dogs are not allowed in carpeted areas on the trains, and especially not in first class or in our restaurant or buffet cars.


  • Dogs are only allowed on the floor and not on seats, tables or laps – even if you have a rug.


  • For safety reasons, please don’t allow your dog to block walkways.


  • There may be additional restrictions in place at certain of our special events - please see the relevant page on the website.


These notes do not apply to assistance dogs.