Royal Mail Model Railway team


The Royal Mail Model Railway team was established in 2010, It consisted of members from different departments and ran entirely on donations until it became its own department at the railway in 2017. The model railways are built and run by volunteers and are located in the Royal Mail coach adjacent to Platform 2 at Winchcombe Station.


The Royal Mail carriage was originally donated to build a model railway in. This carriage, during its working life, was a storage facility and therefore had six doors (three either side), in which the mail would be taken in and taken out. On acquiring this coach the wooden framework for the layouts was added along with the backing board behind. The original integrity of the coach has remained unaltered where possible keeping many of the original features. An 'n' gauge layout and 'oo' gauge layout were designed and built into two separate layouts along the wooden framework. A Thomas and friends track has also been installed which is very popular with our younger visitors! However, older visitors can join the race too!


A later addition has been the glass added to protect the layout from everyday wear and tear. The track currently runs on analogue power source but can be adapted to digital. 


The model railway is open some weekends and special event dates.


We regret that as the model railway layouts are situated in a railway carriage, this attraction is not suitable for wheelchair users.