A view that was just a dream 40 years ago: the GWSR's oldest operational locomotive, 1919-built 2-8-0T no. 4270 approaches Greet tunnel (Picture: Jack Boskett)


  • Please note revised dates!

  • 40th Anniversary celebration - the very best of GWSR steam and diesel: 6 & 7 November 2021

  • All available steam and diesel locomotives in an action-packed weekend

  • 40th Anniversary exhibition at Winchcombe

  • Intensive timetable and something for everyone


Over the past couple of years the GWSR's plans have been in disarray thanks to successive Covid lockdowns and the restricted timetable.  But now restrictions have been lifted the GWSR is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a rare combined steam and diesel gala when all the railway's available locomotives will be in action.


A reason to celebrate!

It promises to be an action-packed weekend with plenty to see and do.  Whether your interest is steam, historic diesel traction or both then you will be more than satisfied.  Above all it's a chance to reflect on 40 years of development and celebrate the extraordinary volunteer-led achievements that have created today's vibrant railway.  Back in 1981, the GWSR was formed to purchase a desolate and trackless line between Cheltenham Racecourse and Broadway and rebuild it from scratch: a huge challenge that many critics claimed had no hope of ever succeeding. The trains running this weekend over 14 miles of breathtakingly beautiful Cotswold countryside spectacularly prove those naysayers wrong.

Footplate rides - 40th Anniversary show at Winchcombe - Gotherington Station open - visit behind the scens at Carriage & Wagon - GWSR special bus link between Cheltenham Network Rail station and Cheltenham Racecourse - refreshments and beer tent - intensive steam and diesel train services - enjoy all that the GWSR has to offer!

The outstanding 'concours' finish of class 47 47105 near Stanton - steam and diesel feature duing the 40th Anniversary show (pic Jack Boskett)



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Revised dates: Due to a clash with another event, we have moved the dates of our 40th Anniversary Gala to the weekend of 6th and 7th November. We'll be running a normal, Blue timetable on 23rd and 24th October.


Tickets please! Tickets are now available for the 40th Anniversary celebration.  There is a discount if you book online but of course, you can still buy tickets on the day. It promises to be an action-packed weekend offering amazing value for money - whether your interest is steam or heritage diesel there is plenty of choice.  Why both steam and diesel?  Well, both forms of traction have played a vital part in the development of our railway over the past 40 years.  This is a chance to celebrate the astonishing achievements and vision from those first volunteers and all who have followed them since the formative GWSR took occupation of a derelict and forlorn Toddington station yard way back in 1981. You can book your tickets here!!


Bus link between Cheltenham Spa and Cheltenham Racecourse: There's no way you'll miss the bus if you are coming to the GWSR by  public transport for the 40th Anniversary celebration. A FREE bus link will whisk you from the Network Rail Cheltenham Spa station to the GWSR's Cheltenhamn Racecourse station so you can enjoy your day plying the 'friendly line in the Cotswolds' to your heart's content. How will you spot the righ t bus to catch?  Well, you can harly miss it as this bus, operated by local firm Marchants, has huge images of GWSR trains on the sides and back.  Find out more here!