Take a break on a Brake

This has proved to be an extremely popular attraction with space for a limited number of passengers on a brake van on the goods train.Goods train

You could be riding behind the locomotive or join the guard at the end of the train.*  

Each has its own appeal - behind the locomotive you get to experience all of the sound and majesty of a steam locomotive at work while at the other end of the train you can enjoy the quite unique experience of seeing the goods train ahead of you clattering along behind the locomotive!

The journey takes in the dark, curved Greet Tunnel which is quite an experience given that there is no lighting in the guard's van.  It's pitch black and chilly in the middle of the third of a mile long bore. The tunnel is supposedly haunted, if you see an apparition we'd love to hear from you - even better if you manage to get a picture!

Tickets are just £10 (in addition to your entrance fee) and can be bought on a first come, first served basis at the station of departure (details to follow). Terms & conditions apply and unfortunately, we can't accept anyone under the age of 14 for these trips.

Tickets available to event ticket holders only.  Please buy your ticket as soon as you can (as they are likely to sell very quickly) and ensure you are on the platform at one or other of the brake vans at least 15 minutes a before departure*

*The 'Queen Mary' brake van (illustrated, picture by Alex Caulfield) has recently been overhauled to its original Southern Railway livery.  We hope that the overhaul of 'Toad' brake van, which is equipped with vacuum brakes rather than a 'through' vacuum pipe, will be completed in time for the event but it is touch and go whether it will be available.  If not, only the SR 'Queen Mary' will be available as we are not able to carry passengers on our unbraked vehicle (which is through piped but only has a hand brake).


Freight train departure times will be announced shortly