Lineside photographic passes

Steam TrainPlease note that applications for 2017 photo passes are now closed. 2018 photo passes can be applied for from late Nov 2017. Details will be available on this page nearer the time.


If you are a photographer, aged 18 or over, you are welcome to take photographs from the lineside provided that you hold a current annual lineside photography pass.  The GWSR regrets that, for reasons of safety management, we do not issue day passes and, for similar reasons, we are also changing the procedure for issuing annual photography passes for 2017. Details are outlined below.


Annual lineside passes are valid from date of issue until 31st January of the following year and cost £75 for non-members and £50 for members of the GWR Trust.  Passes can be applied for in advance of the start of the year concerned, up until February 28thof that year. 


You will notice that it is cheaper to become a member of the GWR Trust and buy a member's pass.  Membership also brings other benefits, such as one free journey per year, the Railway's magazine and the ability to volunteer if you so wish.


For details of GWR Trust membership please click here.


In order to obtain a lineside photography pass you initially need to download and complete an application form.  On that form you must select one from a number of dates, on which you will be available to attend the railway for a safety briefing.  At this briefing you will be given training in Personal Track Safety (PTS), instruction on where you may and may not photograph and other safety rules for lineside photography.  Once you have successfully completed this briefing you will be presented with and sign for: 

  • an instruction sheet detailing where you may or may not photograph on the Railway,
  • a list of rules for lineside photography,
  • a copy of the Railway's PTS (Personal Track Safety) booklet
  • a photography pass card,
  • an orange high visibility tabard (printed with the words 'GWSR Photographer' and the year for which it is valid).


Click here to download an application form