Train services restarting on saturday 15th august!

We're delighted to announce that we will restart running public trains on the GWSR to a limited timetable on Saturday 15th August.


The Railway has been working hard over the past few weeks, since the announcement that we would be restarting services on 15th August, to make sure that your visit to us is as safe as possible for our customers, volunteers and local residents, while at the same time not detracting from the enjoyment of your trip.  Journeys will not be the same as we have been able to offer in the past, but we are sure you will enjoy yourselves on the new-normal GWSR.


We do not yet have all the details but we are setting out as much as we can below, and we will update as decisions and changes are made, so please keep watching this page.


COVID-19 symptoms


If you are showing any of the symptoms below or have been in contact with a person with Covid-19 within the last 14 days, then please do not attempt to travel with us:


  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of taste or smell


Contact our bookings team on 01242 621905 or 01242 621904 who will reschedule your booking at a later date free of charge.


Ignore our old 2020 Timetable Leaflets

There are still lots of our old 2020 printed calendar, timetable and special events leaflets out in the community at hotels, businesses and the like which we are unable to retrieve. If you come across one, please ignore its contents (except the maps and station locations: we haven't moved!). See the new calendar, timetables and the revised and more limited special events details on our website.


Booking and Tickets – we hope to open the Ticketing System by 15th July 2020

All travel will need to be pre-booked and will be one return journey starting and finishing at Toddington. We will initially make tickets available for the four weeks starting 15th August 2020, including the August Bank Holiday.  Please be aware that the operating days around the Bank Holiday will not conform to our new normal operating days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, but the timetable options will be set out for you to choose from.  Thereafter, tickets will be available to purchase on a rolling two weekly basis to enable us to monitor customer demand.


Historically we have sent tickets by post.  We will continue to do this if you require a hard copy ticket, but you will need to allow 7 days as our tickets are printed by a volunteer and not at our offices.  You will however be able to book on-line (up to midday the day before you wish to travel) and print the tickets at home; we will not be offering downloads onto your mobile phone. Your tickets will show your carriage and compartment or seat allocation.


Tickets will need to be presented at Toddington for inspection before you will be allowed onto the platform; sanitiser will be available after you enter the platform and we urge use of this by anyone boarding the trains to reduce potential contamination. Carriages, compartments and seats will be clearly marked and we will have station assistants available to help with directions. Information will be supplied outlining the controls in place for your journey including: boarding, cleanliness, social distancing etc. We regret that Covid-19 measures mean that we will not be able carry dogs (except for assistance dogs) for the time being.


You can view our running dates and timetables here.



All travel will need to be pre-booked and will be one return journey starting and finishing at Toddington. There will be short stops of around 20 minutes at Cheltenham and Broadway for the locomotive to change ends.


Passengers will be able to leave the train but we ask that social distancing is observed.


Although other stations will not be open to visitors or be alternative boarding points, passengers can finish their journey with us at either Cheltenham or Broadway if they wish, but they will not be able to return on a different train unless separate tickets have been purchased for the two trains.


The Train 

We will be running six-carriage trains; five carriages will be compartment stock, and each compartment will be available at a minimum cost of £50 for up to two people, with each additional person costing £10 up to a maximum total of 6 people per compartment.  We ask that you adhere to the government rules regarding whom you are traveling with within the compartment i.e. not sharing with strangers.  The sixth carriage will be an open coach and will have seating available for individuals and couples at a cost of £25 per person.


We have limited the number of people in the carriages to ensure that we can conform to the government’s guidance on social distancing, so we ask that customers limit movement around the train and observe social distancing rules on platforms and carparks etc. Please do not stand in the corridors.


Carriages and seats will be clearly marked and we will have station assistants available to help with directions.


In line with other transport bodies and following good practice, face coverings will be required by passengers travelling on our services; 

These may be removed whilst seated in a compartment. Those exempt include children under 11 years old, passengers with disabilities, those with breathing difficulties and anyone travelling with someone who relies on lip reading. Face coverings can be temporarily removed while eating.



We will be unable to offer our normal on-train catering, but you will be able to pre-order a pre-packed food bag along with your travel tickets; details to follow.    


The Flag and Whistle at Toddington will be open for take-away hot and cold food, but the Coffee Pot at Winchcombe and the café at Broadway will be closed.



Station Facilities

Access to the platform will be restricted to those who will be travelling.  Toilets will be open at each station and sanitiser will be available as you enter each toilet block; all visitors are encouraged to use it and follow the guidelines regarding handwashing.


Please be aware that, while the stations will be open, the ancillary attractions such as small museums, have-a-go mini signal box, children’s playground and shops will not be open.  The Flag and Whistle at Toddington will be open, but the Coffee Pot at Winchcombe and the café at Broadway will be closed.


We request that passengers keep a safe distance from fellow travellers. 


Vouchers and Free travel

Due to the need for the Railway to rebuild its finances following the effects of the Covid-19 shut-down and the Landslip that affected the Railway earlier in the year, we hope our Supporters, Shareholders and Members will understand that we are unable initially to accept shareholder tickets, members’ tickets, work permits, two for one vouchers, 300 club cards, caravan club discounts, HRA passes, VIP vouchers etc. while we work hard to rebuild the Railway’s finances. 


This situation will be kept under review.



We’ve increased the intensity and frequency of cleaning on our trains and at stations and installed new signage and floor markings at our locations; we ask that everyone follows markings and signs.


We are introducing overnight fogging which sprays disinfectant directly onto hard surfaces, killing viruses and bacteria.


A bag will be provided with all catering packs, and passengers will be asked to put any rubbish into the bag and seal it before leaving the train. All customers are asked to remove any item of personal belongings that they may have brought with them and to not leave any rubbish in the compartment.  Spare bags will be available from the train crews if required.


Please note that our reopening will be subject to any further changes in UK Government policy in response to the Covid-19 situation.