Hire Your Own Train

Have you ever thought about hiring your own train for a special occasion? Over the years we have welcomed many groups that have decided that, rather than to book seats on a service train, they would prefer their very own train for either a day or, in most instances, an evening.


Of course, hiring a steam train is not cheap but with over 300 seats available, the cost per person can be quite low. We can provide a buffet car service with drinks and snacks or possibly a fish and chip supper. Maybe a wine and cheese evening or a wine tasting appeals. Just ask us! We do however request that you do not bring your own refreshments on board.


If a 300 seater steam train is not for you, then how about hiring your own diesel rail car.  These are cheaper to hire than the steam train and are ideal for a family or school reunion, a club outing or maybe something like a display of paintings for invited guests. The possibilities are endless and the cost is very reasonable. We can discuss your refreshments requirements when you make your booking.

Both of these options are much cheaper than hiring a room at a hotel and you get a better view!!


As our railway grows, it becomes less easy to book your own train during the day, however there are a few dates throughout the year when such bookings are possible. What perhaps is much easier is to book a train for an evening excursion.  As examples of events during the past few years, we have been pleased to play host to golden wedding celebrations, club outings, brownie visits, family get togethers and so much more. We have organised special fish and chip evenings, wine and cheese events, and wine tastings etc.

If you would like to know more please email us at grouptravel@gwsr.com and we will do what we can to help you.