locomotive roster


Updated Sunday 22 January 2023

Welcome to the Locomotive Roster. Scroll down for the Locomotive Roster and current status of steam and diesel locomotives. 


The information on this page is kept as up to date as possible. However please remember that the locomotives we operate are old and things can go wrong, and locomotives are replaced. Also it is sometimes necessary to reallocate locomotives for operational reasons at short notice. 


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Loco Roster

Services from Toddington to Cheltenham Race Course and Broadway


Steam Locomotive Roster


The steam locomotives will be drawn from Nos 7820790335006 and 75014. You can find out more about these locomotives by clicking on their numbers. 


Dates Service Locomotive/s
Sat 4 Mar Blue TBD
Sun 5 Mar Blue TBD
Sat 11 Mar Blue TBD
Sun 12 Mar Blue TBD
Tues 14 Mar RC TBD
Weds 15 Mar RC TBD
Thurs 16 Mar RC TBD
Fri 17 Mar RC TBD
Sat 18 Mar Blue TBD
Sun 19 Mar Blue TBD
Sat 25 Mar Blue TBD


Key to Service: FPE - footplate experience; FC - fish & chip special; PC - private charter; RC - Racecourse charter; SE - Santa Express


DMU roster


Diesel Multiple Unit: Class 117 3-car.


Dates Service Unit/s
Sat 4, Sun 5 Mar Blue 117
Sat 11, Sun 12 Mar Blue 117
Sat 18, Sun 19 Mar Blue 117
Sat 25, Sun 26 Mar Blue 117


Diesel Locomotive Roster


The diesel locomotives will be drawn from 201375081D5343, D69483721545149, 4710547376. You can find out more about these locomotives by clicking on their numbers.


Dates Service Locomotive/s
Sat 1 April Purple TBD
Sun 2 April Pink TBD


Key: DE - driver experience; PC - private charter; FC - fish & chip; ET - engineering train


Current status of steam locomotives



7820 - winter maintenance
7903 - winter maintenance
35006 - winter maintenance
75016 - soon to arrive from Dartmouth Railway

Under restoration

2807: Churchward GWR 2-8-0, ten year overhaul.
2874: Churchward GWR 2-8-0, restoration.
3850: Collett GWR 2-8-0, ten year overhaul.
4270: Churchward GWR 2-8-0T, out of ticket
1976 John: Peckett 0-4-0ST restoration.
76077: BR Standard class 4 2-6-0, restoration.


Current status of diesel locomotives

(all at Toddington unless otherwise shown)


Diesel shunters:

21 ('Mavis'): stored
372 ('DES'): unserviceable
11230 (class 04): available for traffic
D2182 (class 03): available at Winchcombe
D2280 (class 04): available for traffic


Main line locomotives:

20137 (D8137): available for traffic
20228 (D8327): under restoration
5081 (24081): available for traffic
D5343 (26043): unserviceable
37215 (D6915): available for traffic
D6948 (37248): unserviceable
45149 (D135):   unserviceable
47105 (D1693): available for traffic
47376 (D1895): unserviceable


Current status of DMUs

(at Toddington unless otherwise shown)

Class 117 (W51363, W59515, W51405): serviceable
W55003 - Class 122: refurbishment at Toddington
W51360 - Class 117 DMBS: maintenance at Toddington
W51372 - Class 117 DMBS: stored at Toddington