Hayles Abbey HALT


Hayles Abbey Halt, in common with a number of former Great Western Railway stations, spells the name of its location differently and is around 600m from Hailes Abbey. The Halt is halfway between Toddington and Winchcombe stations and is a Request Stop for thosetrains which stop there. Although there is no car parking at Hayles Abbey, it is an ideal starting or finishing point for walkers or cyclists (we can carry a limited number of bicycles on our trains), being close to the Cotswold Way.


Important note: Not all trains will stop at Hayles Abbey Halt. Check our Calendar and Timetables to see which trains you can use. On some special events no trains will stop at Hayles Abbey - please check our Events Calendar for details.


Please note: Passengers wishing to join the train at the station will need to face the oncoming train and extend their arm horizontally to signal to the driver to stop the train. Those wishing to board at another station and alight at Hayles Abbey Halt will need to inform the guard when they join the train. Passengers need to be in one of the front two carriages to alight. But check the Calendar and Timetables beforehand as not all trains will stop here.


Finding Us

By Road

You can find details of how to reach us by road here.


Public Transport

There is no suitable public transport.



Our Facilities


Car parking

There is no car parking at Hayles Abbey Halt.


Washrooms and Toilets

There are no washroom or toilet facilities at Hayles Abbey Halt.