Travelling with a Dog?


Well behaved dogs travel on trains for a flat-rate fare in standard class carriages (not First Class) but they are not allowed on the seats or tables and not allowed on any dining trains or in buffet cars. Tickets for dogs are available on-line and from booking offices. Assistance dogs travel free of charge and may travel First Class.


Important message about dogs


We are a nation of dog lovers and many of our volunteers are dog owners. We therefore welcome dogs on our trains. However during the past year or so, we have experienced a growing number of problems. These have partly been caused by the increase in passenger numbers since we extended the line to our new station at Broadway, but they are mainly due to a small number of irresponsible dog owners not being in full control of their animals. Incidents this year have included dogs biting other passengers, fighting one another, climbing on seats and tables and generally leaving a mess for our volunteers to clear up. When a dog is moulting and climbs on a seat, it takes a lot of hard work to clean it for the next passenger. 


We therefore need to restate that dogs are not allowed on seats or tables (even on owners' blankets) or in carriages with carpets on the floor, especially First Class. This of course does not include assistance dogs.