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Those who support the railway by purchasing shares by monthly subscrition would normally receive their share certificates at the end of March begining of April, with the current restriction being imposed because of the Coronaviris outbreak we will be unable to meet our normal timescales.  Please be assured that your total share alloctaions have been amended to include your 2019 purchases and that we will get the certificates to you as soon as we can.  Any questions please contact Maxine Barton-Hawkins on 01242 621905.


The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway PLC is in the process of rebuilding and restoring a former Great Western mainline as a heritage railway. The empty trackbed from Broadway to Cheltenham was purchased in 1981 and reconstruction commenced. Since then, 13 miles of track, five stations and associated facilities have been lovingly recreated for public enjoyment.


Major Achievements:

  • Creating Toddington as the prime visitor gateway for the railway.
  • Operating regular time-tabled public passenger trains.
  • Establishing Toddington as the motive power centre, complete with new locomotive shed.
  • Establishing Winchcombe at the permanent way and the carriage and wagon centre of the railway.
  • Operating race day trains to the refurbished Cheltenham Race Course station.
  • Creating a visitor attraction with both nostalgic and educational content.
  • Encouraging a friendly attitude in our staff when dealing with other volunteers as well as the public.
  • Fostering a "small country station" environment at Winchcombe.
  • Building fourteen miles of first class track capable of carrying the heaviest locomotives at 25 mph.
  • Signalling our station layouts using semaphore signals.
  • Extension northwards to Broadway.
  • Recreating Broadway station.


In addition to that list of large achievements there are countless smaller items such as:

  • Moving a complete station building from Monmouth to Winchcombe
  • Rebuilding Gotherington Halt
  • Rebuilding Hayles Abbey Halt
  • Rebuilding a second platform at Cheltenham Race Course
  • Creating a picnic areas at Winchcombe


Milestones for the future:

  • Building a carriage shed at Winchcombe to protect our restored coaches.
  • Signalling the Broadway extension.
  • Upgrade of loco facilities and staff amenities


How is all this achieved?

All this work has been completed by a staff of unpaid volunteers working to professional standards, using revenue generated from our operations and shareholder capital. We need more volunteers and capital to enhance and extend the railway.


Ownership of the Railway

The railway is owned by its shareholders, many of whom are also members of our supporting body (the GWR Trust). The benefits of being a shareholder include:

  • Having your say in the way the railway develops.
  • Attending the Annual General Meeting, to hear first hand the current progress of the line.
  • Travel benefits which increase with increasing numbers of shares purchased.
  • We only have one class of ordinary shares in issue. All purchases of shares, whether for specific appeals or otherwise are cumulative and that cumulative figure will be the one which determines the number of annual ticket vouchers (if any) to which any shareholder is entitled


The travel benefits for shareholders are as follows:

  • Between 100 - 499 shares - Three free return trips per year
  • Between 500 - 999 shares - Four free return trips per year
  • Between 1000 - 2999 shares - Five free return trips per year
  • Between 3000 - 4999 shares -  Free unlimited travel for the holder and two accompanying guests
  • Over 5000 shares - Free unlimited first class travel for the holder and three accompanying guests


Please be aware that travel vouchers to be exchanged for tickets to enable you to travel are sent out each year with the AGM documentation in May. 


How do I apply?

Click here to download an application form for ordinary shares, print it, complete it and post it to GWR Shares, GWSR plc, Churchward House, Winchcombe Railway Station, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, GL54 5LD. Please be aware this address is different to the one on the form


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Or for more information write to:

Buy GWR Shares, GWSR plc, Churchward House, Winchcombe Railway Station, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, GL54 5LD

Or fill in our online form below, .


If you would like to buy ordinary shares by paying in regular instalments download and complete this form and post it back to the railway.


A copy of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway, PLC NOTES for SHAREHOLDERS can be downloaded here,


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