Toddington Narrow Gauge Railway

The North Gloucestershire Railway Company operates the Toddington Narrow Gauge Railway which is co-located with the GWR, adjacent to Toddington Station. The 2 foot narrow-gauge line runs services on selected dates during the GWR operating season.


Steam services planned to run every Sunday this September


See the newly restored British Empire Exhibition Wembley Carriage


Built at Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Co in 1924

Used on the RoadRails narrow gauge Railway at the British Empire Exhibition, Wembley

Returned to Gloucestershire and used as a family home in the 1930s

Moved to Teddington Fields prior to World War Two

Carriage body discovered derelict in 2010

Donated by the Overbury Estate to North Gloucestershire Railway

Transferred to North Gloucestershire Railway, Toddington in March 2011

Rebuilding of carriage body, frames, plus fitting of replacement bogie wheelsets

Restoration completed in early 2018



For more information about the line and the full operating calendar and timetable Toddington narrow gauge railwayplease click here.