GWSR launches Commemorative Plaques for Stanway Viaduct parapets

Alex Farran
April 22, 2024

• Plaques to offer anyone a permanent connection to iconic Cotswold structure • Available with donations of £250 or more • Funds raised from donations to support the railway’s important infrastructure

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway (GWSR) is making available 240 stainless steel plates on the railway’s iconic Stanway Viaduct which were incorporated as part of the parapet stabilisation works on which to place Commemorative Plaques. These plaques enable anyone who wishes, to have a permanent connection with the most significant structure on the railway. Plaques may be sponsored by individuals or companies, with one plaque being sponsored by the Cotswold based railway to mark the re-opening of the line to Broadway.

Each weather resistant plaque will be affixed to the plates with the message of choice engraved in white on a blue background. The message may be to remember a loved one past or present; to record for posterity a memorable date or event; recognise someone’s contribution to the railway or it could be a 4-line poem, appropriately known as a quatrain.

Each successful donor will receive a signed certificate incorporating their message. They will also receive a duplicate of the plaque which they can treasure in their own home.

Richard Johnson, GWSR PLC Chairman, commented: “Following the successful completion of Phase One of the viaduct work, I am delighted that we are able to offer these plaques for people to have a permanent acknowledgement on our railway. The donations will support the valuable on-going work to sustain our railway.”

The minimum donation for each Commemorative Plaque is £250. The funds are to support the GWSR to repair, maintain, renew and operate the Railway’s infrastructure. To minimise costs, the process is being manged by volunteers as far as possible. In order not to be overwhelmed the first block of 60 plates is being released now and therefore open to the first 60 qualifying donations. The straightforward application process for the plaques is available online at: https://www.gwsr.com/support-us/stanway-viaduct-commemorative-plaques