Stanway Viaduct Commemorative Plaques

Following the successful completion of phase one of our repairs to Stanway Viaduct - the Railway is making available the 240 stainless steel plates on the Stanway Viaduct which were incorporated as part of the parapet stabilisation works for Commemorative Plaques.

This will enable anyone who wishes to have a permanent connection with the most significant structure on our Railway. Plaques may be sponsored by individuals or companies; one plaque will be sponsored by the Railway to mark the re-opening of the line to Broadway. Each plaque will be manufactured from 24 x 12 cm sized Gravoply Ultra acrylic laminate which is UV and weather resistant, engraved with a message of your choice.

Your message may be to remember a loved one past or present; to record for posterity a memorable date or event; recognise someone’s contribution to the Railway or it could be a 4-line poem, appropriately known as a quatrain. (You can assume that inappropriate limericks will not be accepted!).

Six lines of text are available and up to 50 characters per line, including punctuation.

Each plaque will be affixed to one of the 240 stainless steel plates (each with an asset number) on the parapets. Each successful donor will receive a signed certificate and a duplicate copy of your message on Gravoply, for you to display at home. It is planned that you will receive your pack within 4-6 weeks of making a donation.

If you would like to secure a plaque, the donation is £250.00. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and makes a significant difference to our operations.  The funds are to support the GWSR to repair, maintain, renew and operate the Railway’s infrastructure.

Please decide upon your wording / entry and then only submit your entry when you are ready to make your donation. Editing will result in multiple entries / donations and you maybe donating more than once.

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The GWSR Plc, reserves the right to not accept applications from applicants, where the wording is deemed inappropriate.