Key Features
47105 (D1693)
Brush Electrical Machines
First Restored:

The Brush Type 4 Fund was formed in 1992 with the aim of preserving a Series Parallel Class 47, after 2 years of fund raising 47105 was bought from Crewe in January 1994.

The loco was transported to the GWR in April '94 and started for the first time in preservation 1 month later. Since 1994 much work has been carried out on the loco culminating in the re-instatement of the steam heat boiler, making '105 the first Class 47 to steam since 1987. It is now running again after a 10 year overhaul. 47105 is owned by The Brush Type 4 Fund and is a permanent resident on the GWR.

  • Wheel arrangement: Co-Co
  • Origin: Brush type 4 Diesel Electric Locomotive built by Brush Electrical Machines Ltd at Loughborough in 1963.
  • Engine/power: Sulzer 12LDA28-C, Turbo-charged, Inter-cooled, 2580hp at 750rpm. Power equipment by Brush.
  • Length over buffers: 63ft. 6in. (19.38m)
  • Working weight: 121 tons
  • Maximum speed: 95 mph